Transfer Promotion
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Transfer Promotion

The central role of teaching at the universities of applied sciences is not considered as an obstacle to research and transfer activities at the EvH RWL. However, the expansion of research-based transfer at our university will only succeed if those colleagues who are involved in the acquisition and implementation of transfer projects are also given recognition and support. For this purpose, EvH RWL has developed a support package. In addition to the research professorship and the sabbatical semester, EvH RWL supports the use of compensatory means to relieve the burden of teaching through teaching assignments or research assistants (in the form of teaching under supervision). In addition, EvH RWL supports all university members in the acquisition and implementation of third-party funded projects. Finally, EvH RWL promotes close practical relevance by expanding teaching practice research. All these measures shall establish and expand regional, supra-regional and international networks.

Responsible persons for contact:

Prof. Dr. Cinur Ghaderi
Prorector for Research, Transfer and International Affairs
Tel.: 0234 36901-279
Fax: 0234 36901-111

Dr. Lars-Thade Ulrichs
Scientific Referee of the Rectorate
Tel: 0234 36901-467
Mobile: 0173 722 11 99