Transfer Network Social Innovation (s_inn)
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Transfer Network Social Innovation (s_inn)

The transfer network Social Innovation - s_inn was established in 2018 and is a joint project of the EvH RWL and the KatHO NRW. Both universities successfully applied together in 2017 in the federal and state initiative "Innovative Hochschule". S_inn supports already existing transfer activities and at the same time tries out new formats and project ideas. The aim is to promote social innovations in various fields of action through participation. The transfer network is primarily oriented towards the following social challenges:

  • shaping an ageing society,
  • the inclusion of people with disabilities,
  • the integration of people with a history of migration or refugeeism, and
  • coping with increasing social segregation.

Social innovations are understood as changes in attitudes, social practices, institutions and structures. The aim of these changes is to improve the respect for human dignity as well as the respect, protection and realisation of human rights and thus to contribute to social justice.

The transfer network s_inn is divided into an Agency for Transfer and Social Innovation, six Innovation-Labs and five pilot projects:

S_inn pursues five strategic work objectives:

  • development and implementation of social innovations,
  • strengthening mutual transfer through participation,
  • strengthening the supra-regional transfer network and the regional innovation system,
  • improving the visibility of universitarian transfer activities, and
  • quality assurance and strengthening the sustainability of transfer.