Religious Education and Diaconia (B.A.)
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B.A. Religious Education and Diaconia

This program is designed for students with a specific interest in the ministries of religious education within the contexts of the local church and the larger community. The graduates possess academically grounded competences for the work fields of Christian religious education and diaconia (Christian social service). They have gained practice-oriented knowledge in the humanities, social sciences, elementary theology, religious education, church-based welfare work and the legal, economic and administrative elements of social work and church leadership.

They are equipped for analytical and creative theological reflection on educational thought and practice and are prepared to shape extra-curricular education processes within churches, schools, diaconical agencies, or the wider community. They are ready to employ spiritual imagination in educational planning and teaching.

The graduates have acquired basic leadership and organizational development abilities and are able to professionally support people in crisis situations.

They have successfully completed supervised practice placements in typical work fields of parish education and community services. They are qualified to communicate in a variety of situations and to work in a team. They are able to cope with cultural and religious plurality as well as social heterogeneity.

Official Duration of Programme (Standard Period of Study): 3 years (full time) / 180 CP (ECTS)

Module blocks (18 modules)

  1. Foundations (8 modules, 72 CP)
  2. Church and society (3 modules, 18 CP)
  3. Practice placements and field studies (2 modules, 36 CP)
  4. Education and counselling (2 modules, 24 CP)
  5. In-depth studies (3 modules including Bachelor Thesis, 30 CP)