Institute for Research and Transfer Activities (IFT)
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Institute for Research and Transfer Activities (IFT)

The Institute for Research and Transfer Activities (IFT) was founded in 2010 to support and relieve the burden on colleagues with an affinity for research. The main tasks of the IFT include supporting teachers in initiating, applying for and carrying out research and transfer projects financed by the institute and third parties, as well as quality assurance of research and transfer. The IFT is supported by the transfer network Social Innovation - s_inn.

As central coordinating body for activities in the areas of research and transfer, the IFT provides continuous information about funding programmes and calls for proposals that are within the range of topics covered by the EvH teaching staff, provides information about third-party funding as well as internal funding opportunities and supports all university members in project development and the formulation of research proposals - especially with regard to administrative issues in cooperation with the administration. The IFT also coordinates research and transfer activities, makes them visible inside and outside the university and works on improving the research and transfer structures at EvH RWL. Finally, it advises the teaching staff on cooperative doctorates and on applications for research professorships and research leave. This innovation management provides impulses for the regional, national and international networking of EvH RWL.

Contact persons:

Prof. Dr. Cinur Ghaderi
Vice Rector for Research, Transfer and International Affairs
Phone: 0234 36901-279
Fax: +49 234 36901-111

Dr. Lars-Thade Ulrich
Scientific officer of the rectorate
Telephone: 0234 36901-467
Mobile: 0173 722 11 99